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Rin Matsuoka - Free! Eternal Summer Episode 1
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i am pretty sure depressed tsukishima is 1000% canon. while the upset with his brother definitely triggered him hard and deep, i refuse to believe that is the sole cause of his antisocial rudeness, withdrawn personality, and inability/refusal to enjoy activities that once gave him joy. like, historical memory around depression works in a funny way: your mind tries to find that one thing that went wrong; that one thing that led to all the rest, even if the mission to collapse an entire experience into one event is extremely detrimental to your spirit and relationships. tsukki lives in that collapse. at the same time, he is an example of a someone who has gone a long way with their ability to live with depression. not only functioning but performing really well! but, it all came at the sacrifice of maintaining joy, holding interest, or establishing new friendships.

praise be to yevon for yamaguchi’s presence in his life. yamaguchi loved him before depression and loves him through depression and will love him no matter what happens in the future. tsukki’s admiration for yamaguchi is one of the few statics in his life, and he expresses his gratitude in his protection and the sheer existence of his affection for his friend (who he sometimes kisses in the still moments after they both finished their homework but tsukki can’t get himself up to doesn’t want to walk home yet). but being that one person for someone is hard, so hard, impossible sometimes (impossible always; the reason yamaguchi explodes at him is because one person cant shoulder so much).

it gets slightly better after they enter high school then it gets significantly better after yamaguchi’s confrontation at camp. but people don’t change in an afternoon, and the kinds of friends tsukki needs aren’t made in a weekend. as they navigate the changes, things get really damn frustrating for them both. but after harsh words and ugly sad unfair feelings are shared (as is the case above), they always go back to that room, go back to their homework, and finish their assignments as quickly as possible to get to each other’s lips once again.

☆ Translated Haikyuu!! Character Profiles - Master Post ☆


Complete as of volume 9, post will be updated as & when more content becomes available.  Covers Karasuno (including Yui, the other 2nd years & Hitoka), Aobajohsai, the Neighbourhood Association, Nekoma, Tokonami (well, Ikejiri at least), Datekou & flawless queen Saeko.

Some notes before I start!

  • The ability parameters each have a maximum of 5 points.  The ‘Intellect’ score isn’t intellect in the academic sense - it refers more to in-game strategy.
  • All the students in question are high school students, so 1st years are 15-16, 2nd years are 16-17 & 3rd years are 17-18 years old.  It’s also worth noting that the Japanese school year starts in April, so the students with birthdays closest after April are older than those with birthdays further away (making Hinata the eldest 1st year, Kageyama the youngest etc.)
  • All heights & weights are correct as of the beginning of the current school year.
  • As Hinata flags up here, at Karasuno classes 4 & 5 are university prep classes.
  • I’ve tried to include Wikipedia (or similar) links for any Japanese foodstuffs mentioned.
  • Names are in Firstname Lastname format, with romanisations taken from the official website wherever possible.
  • This doesn’t include the website bios at this stage, but I’ll likely add them in later.

So without further ado, onto the content…

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Guess who’s back with another beautiful follow forever!! I really love each and every one of you beautiful people. I really appreciate that you guys put up with my blog. Here’s just a little thank you to the most amazing people in the world. (I know I have never talked to some of you, but that’s because I’m too shy. I have always wanted to talk to you though.)


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[KageHina] Karasuno’s Culture Festival Delusion 1



【影日】烏野文化祭妄想その1【腐向け】 | 地獄のバッボちゃん karasuno bungakusai mousou sono ichi
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Everyone at karasuno and the two dorks ♡

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