So basically we learned these from the recent audio drama cd:

  • Midorima tries to impress Takao with his lucky items (“Want to see?”)
  • Kuroko knows everything, he might be even shipping these two
  • Same goes for Riko
  • Shoujo-y background music makes it even more canon. It’s like a blcd minus the sex
  • Midorima spends fifty thousand on a lucky item for Takao
  • Takao says “even if it’s for me, don’t spend that much”, I think that’s pretty self explanatory
  • Midorima was jealous when Riko massaged Takao’s feet (and also when Takao texted her)
  • Midorima suggests that Takao should ride in the rear car without rock-paper-scissors
  • Takao’s lucky item for a day is “your dearest friend”, and he brings Midorima to the park, I think that’s pretty self explanatory too
  • Apparently Midorima was grabbing Takao or maybe holding his arm, because Takao says “Where are you taking me” and “let go of me”
You and I [TsukiYama]




Art by: もっく

Translated & Typeset by: futaba-chi

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